About those favourites


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


I read "Half of a Yellow Sun" once a year. Her storytelling is searing and frank. In my humble opinion, this is one of the most important books of our generation. I recommend her entire suite of books including her short stories The thing around your neck - a collection of short stories which, in themselves, could be standalone books and Americanah, which especially resonates with those of us in the diaspora.

Jasmyn Ward

book cover - jasmyn ward

Utterly captivating. Beautiful, lyrical, searing, compelling. It's unlike anything I've ever read.

Hanya Yanagihara

book cover - hanya yanagihara

There are not enough words to describe how much this book affected me. A tough read at times.

I'll be a long time before I forget it.

Rupi Kaur

book cover - photo credit annie pm

I'm not usually one for poetry. I don't think I've ever read a poetry book through to the end. But I read the sun and her flowers in one sitting.

Despite it being weaved in trauma and heartache, it is beautiful, raw and filled with grace.

I loved the simplicity of the drawings. One inspired my next tattoo.



This will depend on your skin combination. And this may vary depending on the season. My default is the oil-based cleanser, Parsley Seed Facial cleansing oil, but I also like the Fabulous Face Cleanser.

Tone & Serum

To be honest, I'm not as disciplined with toning. Apparently you're supposed to tone twice a day. I'm lucky if I remember to tone at least once in the day. Anywho, choose what works for your skin. For me the Parsley Seed anti-oxidant facial toner works.

The Blue Chamomile facial hydrating masque is brilliant if you're on a long distance flight (remember those days...) and the Lucent Facial Concentrate serum is d.i.vi.ne.


Fabulous Face Oil. The only moisturiser that matters. Here's how Aesop describe it: "a concentrated hydrating formulation boosted with botanicals renowned for their purifying, balancing and skin-softening properties". Say. No. More.

For your home

I recommend any of the room sprays, but especially the woody and citrus scent of the Olous Aromatique room spray. The oil burner blends are good too.

Hilariously, they also cater to those of us who obsess about getting on top of unwanted smells in the bathroom. Say hello to the Post-poo Drops. It's all in the name. And boy do they work...

Mindful wellbeing

Warm Yin yoga

yoga posture photo credit - usplash

Yin yoga is slow-paced. You learn to sit calmly in tension and discomfort while breathing through it. You learn to meditate through slow-paced postures.

I find it deeply calming.

Puzzling - 1000 pieces for goodness sakes!

jigsaw puzzle on a table - photo credit juliane liebermann

A puzzle. A podcast. A cup of tea. Zen. The more complicated the better. A 1000-piece puzzle is the absolute minimum for me.

I also recently discovered sparlke art thanks to my lovely girls at CLG. It's entirely relaxing and addictive.