My Aesop fixation

leaves photo credit - mathijs delva
my headshot in black and white


My name's Helen. My skin is sponsored by Aesop. No - it really is.

Initially this site was going to be dedicated to my Aesop obsession, but that turned out to be a bore. So I've tried to build it out to see what shenanigans I can get up to now that I've been unleashed on this Web Dev course.

Shout out to my smart tech colleagues who coached me into fixing my H2 CSS. All fixed! Now to focus on the misaligned buttons and images below. And how do I maintain the aspect ratio of my hero image? And let's address the inconsistent footer treatment.

Looks like someone hasn't quite graduated from their Web Dev course yet..

The things that keep me balanced...

Yin yoga

bhuda statue - photo by Smith Shah

Yin is a mediative form of yoga. Rather than moving in flow from one posture to another, you hold a position for 3 to 5 mins.

The idea is to breathe your way out of discomfort. And mindfully calm your mind to sit in the discomfort.


library - photo by Janko Ferlic

Reading is a form of escapism for me. I feel instantly calm when I dive into a book.

I've been known to hide in wardrobes with a book rather than sit in a group to talk to people.

That Aesop fixation

bathroom - photo from unsplash

I love the store experience. The minimalist look and feel. The scents.

My skin needed the change when I moved over from London. The new environment left it feeling dry and grey. Thus began my downfall...


ceiling - photo by Nikola Treci

For me puzzling is a form of meditation. The more pieces the better.

I pop on a podcast and puzzle away. If left to my own devices, I can easily sit at a table puzzling for hours.